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Recife and Olinda Carnival / 10 drinks as cool as caipirinhaGetting to know Brazil – a reading tour/ 10 extraordinary Brazilian musicians


From Deep Brazil: Brasilia / Oscar Niemeyer / Baroque / Colonial architecture / Niemeyer’s churches / Portuguese tiles



From Deep Brazil: Carnival / Recife and Olinda / 13 things you didn’t know


From Deep Brazil: Xote / Samba de roda / Street dance / Xaxado, the outback dance / Documentary about forró


From Deep Brazil: Sao Paulo Fashion Week/ / Rio Fashion Week/ / 5 needle masters


From Deep Brazil:Upcoming movies / Limite, silent movie / Coffin Joe / Jose Padilha


From Deep Brazil: Popular saints / Lullabies / Spells / Truck bumpers / Saint John Festival
From the web: Maria-Brazil offers an overview of our folklore (music, festivals, crafts).


From Deep Brazil: Comfort food / Cachaca labels / Brazilian fruits Bars / The best caipirinha ever / 10 drinks / Great dishes / Fruits

From the Web: For Brazilian recipes, look for CookBrazil and Maria-Brazil. Also try Sonia Portuguese, that offers bilingual recipes that help learning cooking vocabulary in Portuguese. In depth articles about several regional cuisines can be found in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs´s website. Cachaça Agora is a funny blog by an American obsessed with the Brazilian national spirit.

Language and Literature

From Deep Brazil: Literature/ Brazilian expressions inspired by History / Learn Portuguese for free online / / 30 words that separate Brazil from Portugal / Brazilian Babel / The best Brazilian insults

From the Web:The must-read Brazilpod, produced by the University of Texas, is your best friend, in case you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese by yourself. The British newspaper The Guardian published a phrase book, tips of pronunciation and a short guide to Brazilian gestures. Besides, a few Brazilian teachers have great blogs that may help those who are studying Portuguese. Try, for instance, Portuguese Tips or Brazilian Portuguese. You can also check Eyes on Brazil, which has a series of cool “Tricky Verbs/Words in Portuguese” posts. Great for those puzzled by the peculiarities of our language.

Media and TV

From Deep Brazil:Soap operas / Classic commercials / Watch Brazilian tv on the web


From Deep Brazil: Brazilian Jukebox / Hit Parade / Rapper Emicida / Rain Prophets / All Chico Buarque for free / Top albums of 2010 / 10 extraordinary musicians / Brazilian music with English subtitles / Roberto Carlos / Great Brazilian music podcasts / 7 anthems

From the Web: Brazilian Music is a good source of news on Bossa Nova, Música Popular Brasileira (MPB) and Brazilian Jazz. All Brazilian Music gives an overview of different musical styles and lists the best artists. Go Go Gringo’s Blog covers samba, baile funk and hip hop. You should also check MuzicMuse, that covers mostly the period between 1930 and 1980

Visual Arts

From Deep Brazil: Art Gallery / DesignVik Muniz / 19th century art / Frans Krajcberg