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Gorgeous Maracatu

October 4, 2011 rescharf 0

Maracatu is one of the best examples of fusion of Portuguese, African and Native Brazilian traditions. It is, basically, a street procession of a king, […]

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Capoeira through the ages

September 20, 2011 rescharf 0

Capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian martial art practiced all over the world, was originally a criminal activity. Even after the abolition of slavery, in 1888, the police […]

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Xaxado, the outback dance

September 13, 2011 rescharf 0

Xaxado is a popular dance from the sertão (outback) of the state of Pernambuco, in the Northeast. It is frequently associated to Lampião, the mythical […]

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Samba master class

July 15, 2011 rescharf 0

This is the closest you will get to learning samba without leaving your desk. The one-hour special “Dance the World“, that premiered on  The Travel […]