Unexpected duos

What happens when you mix artists with very different musical backgrounds?  Some are outraged, but most are smitten. Let’s see how you will react to these three videos:

  • Toquinho (Vinícius de Moraes main musical partner and a big icon of Brazilian music) and two of the country’s lead heavy metal guitar players, Andreas Kisser, from Sepultura, and Kiko Loureiro, from Angra:

  • This partnership of the very kitsch Odair José with international star Caetano Veloso was pretty scandalous in 1973. They sing Odair’s “Vou tirar você deste lugar“, a musical reference for those who date prostitutes and promise to come riding a white horse to rescue them.

  • Finally, two huge voices, “classic” Nelson Gonçalves and iconoclastic soul man Tim Maia:

Do you have any additions to this list?


  1. tem o rei Roberto com o grande Mc Leozinho cantando “Se ela dança eu danço”,que ficou muito legal por sinal

    • One thing I probably should have mentioned is that Odair was pretty bold registering this song. And edgy. But the guy was despised because most of his fan base was composed by domestic workers. Prejudice!

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