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Documentary “The Dark Side of the Green”, about the conflict between Natives and farmers

October 24, 2012

Yesterday I published Mass suicide of Guarani-Kaiowá Natives, a post about the violence that is reducing dramatically the biggest Brazilian …

Mass suicide of Guarani-Kaiowá Natives

October 23, 2012 2 Comments

Since 1986, 863 young Brazilian Natives of the Guarani-Kaiowá ethnicity committed suicide in the Dourados reservation, in the state of …

Documentary: How Amazon Natives lose their identities

October 15, 2012 One Comment

“Ser ou não ser” is an interesting, awarded 18-minute documentary (with English subtitles), produced and directed last year by Leonardo …

80% of Brazilian municipalities have Native populations

April 18, 2012 One Comment

The Brazilian Statistics Bureau released today new data from the 2010 Census that reveal that, eight in every ten municipalities …

Upcoming Brazilian movies

January 13, 2012
eu receberia as piores noticias dos seus lindos lábios

Every month you will find here the latest Brazilian films released. Also, don’t forget to check our previous lists. Get …

When the Native dance

December 27, 2011

The 225 remaining Brazilian native ethnicity have a wide range of dance traditions. These are some of them: