Pearls of Brazilian humor

December 15, 2011 rescharf 0

Brazil has its own share of great aphorisms, those witty, funny, sometimes mean little phrases that prove human nature is not kind, but still quite […]

Unexpected duos

December 13, 2011 rescharf 4

What happens when you mix artists with very different musical backgrounds? Some are outraged, but most are smitten.

Tragicomic film translations

December 7, 2011 rescharf 6

“Vertigo”, the Hitchcock masterpiece with James Stuart and Kim Novak, had its title translated as “A Mulher que Viveu Duas Vezes” (The Woman that Lived Twice) in Portugal – a massive, humongous spoiler.

Amy Winehouse, the Girl from Ipanema

December 5, 2011 rescharf 6

The posthumous album by Amy Winehouse, the Brit enfant terrible/singer recently deceased, was released today. It includes her version for the Bossa Nova classic “Garota de Ipanema”, performed in Miami in 2002, when she was 18.