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Brazil Hyperlapse scenes

April 10, 2013

Hyperlapse is a new tool that animates Google Street Views, putting together a rolling scene of up to 60 frames …

The Deep Brazil Carnival guide

February 7, 2013
The Deep Brazil Carnival guide

You could use a little bit of info to relax and enjoy the greatest popular festival in the world? Need …

Beautiful documentary about Carlinhos Brown and his social work in Salvador

March 29, 2012 3 Comments

Candeal is a slum in the heart of Salvador, home of Grammy winning musician Carlinhos Brown. “El Milagro de Candeal”, …

A taste of Carnival in Bahia

February 17, 2012

Beginning today, more than two million people will crowd the streets of Salvador, Bahia, in a Carnival celebration that mixes …

Thousand faces of Salvador architecture

November 21, 2011 3 Comments

Salvador, the capital of the state of Bahia, offers an impressive diversity of architectural styles, from Baroque to ultramodern. Check …

Azulejos – the Portuguese tiles everywhere in Brazil

August 29, 2011

Azulejos, the very typical Portuguese white and blue tilework, can still be found in several Brazilian cities, generally remnant from …