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Porto Alegre in old postcards

Duque de Caxias street, around 1912

Only 73,000 people lived in Porto Alegre, the capital of the Southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, in 1900. Today, its population is around 1.4 million – but the latest Census informs that now it began to grow in slow motion, like most of the major cities in the region. These post cards show very clearly how it evolved during this period.

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Florianópolis in old postcards

Decade of 1920 - There are no bridges communicating Florianópolis to the continent
Bridge Hercílio Luz, one of the biggest suspension bridge in the world, under construction, probably 1925

Before the Argentinian tourists, before the surf, before becoming one of the coolest Brazilian destinations, Florianópolis, the capital of the Southern state of Santa Catarina, was just an island a boat trip away from the continent.

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