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Photographic dialogue between two Amazonian teens

November 27, 2012 One Comment
Photographic dialogue between two Amazonian teens

Two Amazonian teenagers that never met exchange experimental photos of their daily life. This is “Meu Mundo Teu”, a poetic …

The Amazon drums of Trio Manari

November 16, 2012
Braços da Amazônia, Trio Manari

The very inventive percussion Trio Manari was founded in 2001 in the Northern state of Pará. Márcio Jardim, Nazaco Gomes …

Fordlandia, an American city in the middle of the Amazon

November 15, 2011 5 Comments

The story of Fordlandia, the now-abandoned pre-fabricated industrial town established by American mogul Henry Ford in the Amazon in the …

Dive into the Amazon (cuisine) with Anthony Bourdain

October 27, 2011 5 Comments

Anthony Bourdain, host of one of the coolest food shows on TV, offers us a great opportunity to discover the …

Belém in old postcards

September 30, 2011

Great pop music from the Amazon

July 18, 2011 One Comment

The musical universe of the Amazon region, that includes rhythms brega, tecnobrega and tecnomelody, is mostly ignored by the rest of …