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Being gay in Rio

Jim (right) and Luiz
Jim (right) and Luiz

Boy meets boy in San Francisco. They live happily ever after (11 years and counting) and at some point, two years ago, decide to move to Niterói, next door to Rio de Janeiro.

This is the story of American Jim and Brazilian Luiz, a globetrotter couple that  is particularly well-positioned to evaluate Brazil’s gay friendliness. “We have always been “out” as individuals and as a couple”, says Jim.  “Living in San Francisco afforded us a tremendous amount of personal freedom to be ourselves and to express our affection for each other in the street and other public places. Throughout our travels (Thailand, Greece, Turkey) we have had to adapt our conscious and unconscious habits around each other to fit the local scene/custom.  Although we generally get spotted as a gay couple because we simply do not edit our every gesture – we are often guilty of looking into each others’ eyes for longer than a brief moment at restaurants and we wear matching wedding bands, for example. We have never had a problem and we have never had to defend ourselves – ever”.

In this interview, Jim Shattuck describes the joys and challenges of his gay experience in Brazil.

Deep Brazil – Rio is considered one of the gay-friendlier cities in the country. Right?

Jim Shattuck – We have found Rio and Niterói to be very gay friendly.  Never a problem.  There are gay people everywhere and everyone else seems to be quite at ease with it all.  Although it could be said that as an older couple we do not attract the attention a younger and flashier couple might. Continue reading Being gay in Rio