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Creative sales people

Balsas, in Maranhão. Photo by Otávio Nogueira, alias deltafrut/Flickr
Balsas, in Maranhão. Photo by Otávio Nogueira, alias deltafrut/Flickr

No one is more creative than a Brazilian peddler or beach vendor. They sing, wear costumes, interpret characters, conceive unconventional ways of presenting their products. Anything goes to promote a sale.

Check how the ice cream vendor/singer of Cabo Frio, Rio state, uses his musicality to attract costumers. Continue reading Creative sales people

10 best nudist beaches in Brazil

Grumari beach
Abricó beach, in Rio. Photo from Wikipedia

Despite its very wide coast, Brazil has few beaches destined to the practice of naturism. In most beaches, you are expected to keep your bathing suit on (and this includes the ladies’  tops). Topless girls are welcome in some places, but that is not universally practiced, accepted or allowed. Technically, it is still illegal to be naked in public in Brazil, but there is a bill waiting for approval in the Senate that might change that.

So, if you like to sunbathe in your birthday suit, you might have to look for the few isolated spots that offer privacy and total freedom for the practice of naturism. Most of them are regulated by local legislation.

Here is the list of official naturist beaches, organized from Northern to Southern states, in case you intend to vacation “au naturel”:

1 – Tambaba – in the city of Conde, state of Paraíba.With white sands and natural pools, it hosted, in 2008, the International Naturist Conference. Continue reading 10 best nudist beaches in Brazil