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Life in a small circus in Bahia

April 26, 2013

You may have watched Brazilian box office  “O Palhaço” (The Clown), that depicts life in a small circus traveling on …

Dona Edith do Prato

February 4, 2013

You cannot get deeper into the country’s roots: Dona Edith do Prato, one of the deans of samba de roda.

The hippie sounds of Doces Bárbaros

January 18, 2013

Doces Bárbaros, the Sweet Barbarians, was a hippie band created in the 70s to celebrate the first decade of the …

Atabaque Nzinga: documentary about Afro-Brazilian culture

November 14, 2012

Directed by Octávio Bezerra and starred by great TV actress Taís Araújo, the 2007 documentary “Atabaque Nzinga” is an overview …

Bahia state in 1927 footage

April 23, 2012

This amazing little documentary was filmed in Maragogipe, city of the Recôncavo Baiano region by German Gunter Plüschow in 1927. …

The beauty of Samba Chula de São Braz

April 5, 2012

A great video of the dying art of samba chula, a close cousin of samba de roda, the rhythm developed …