Great expeditions to the Amazon

December 26, 2011 rescharf 0

“Grandes Expedições à Amazônia Brasileira” is a little gem for those interested in the history of the Amazon region and the men and women that explored the region during the last century with the more diverse agendas.

Brazilian amphibians

October 14, 2011 rescharf 0

No country has more amphibians than Brazil – at least 800 species of frogs and toads were described in the country.  You will find an […]

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Brazilian cacti

September 19, 2011 rescharf 0

Unlike Mexico, Brazil is normally not associated with cacti – those hearty plants capable of surviving in extremely dry and hot regions. But the country […]

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Brazil at its best

September 8, 2011 rescharf 2

In the spirit of Brazilian Day, celebrated yesterday, check this map  with videos that show the beauties of each of the country’s states. Produced by […]