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Brazil loves (moderately) immigrants

Immigration Festival in São Paulo. Photo by Luis Gallo and Milton Jung CBNSP/ Flickr

Some 682,000 foreigners live in Brazil according to official statistics, in 2009 – but the number might  be higher because so many immigrants  don’t have papers and aren’t caught by the radar. Even then, it a pretty minuscule faction in a country with a 190 million population. But the country seems to be attracting more immigrants thanks to the international crisis. This week, the BBC reported that more Portuguese citizens, specially those with higher education, are asking for Brazilian work permits.

Are they going to find a hospitable new home? The answer is: probably yes. Continue reading Brazil loves (moderately) immigrants

Brazil gets more urban, feminine and old

Boa Vista, in the Amazon, one of the state capitals with quick growth. Photo by Agência de Notícias do Acre/Flickr

Brazilian population is growing slower.  According to the latest Census, just published by IBGE, the federal statistics bureau, during the past decade, it grew at an annual rate of 1.17% – it was 1.64% in the previous nineties and 2.99% in the sixties. The country has today a little over 190 million people, an increase of 21 million since the beginning of the millennium. The reason is predictable: families are getting smaller and, in several states, the birth rate is inferior to the mortality rate. This is particularly clear in the Southern and Southeastern states. While the South’s population grew, as a whole,  0.87% per year, in the North it grew 2.09%. The rural population only grew in two regions – North and Center-West. Today, 84.4% of the population lives in cities (81,2% in 2000). Continue reading Brazil gets more urban, feminine and old

The most valuable Brazilian brands

Ten Brazilian brands were include in the global ranking published this week by Brand Finance consultants.

The country’s three most valuable brands belong to banks: the leader Bradesco (brand evaluated in US$ 18.67 billion, occupies the 28th position in the list. It is followed by Itaú Unibanco (US$ 16.65 billion) and state-owned Banco do Brasil (US$ 9.52 billion).

The other seven brands mentioned in the study are oil and gas producer Petrobras (US$ 8.697 billion), telecom Oi (US$ 5.046 billion), telecom Vivo (US$ 4.286 billion), mining giant Vale do Rio Doce (US$ 3.749 billion), supermarket leader Pão de Açúcar (US$ 2.723 billion), power generation complex Eletrobras (US$ 2.519 billion) and cosmetic empire Natura (US$ 2.274 billion).

The global leaders are Google ( US$ 44.294 billion), Microsoft (US$ 42.805 billion) and Walmart (US$ 36.220 billion).


Gaddafi in Bahia

Photo by Abode of Chaos/Flickr

If – let’s make it when – Muammar Gaddafi is finally thrown away of power in Libya, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to get a golden exile in the Northeast of Brazil. The Libyan dictator has huge investments in the region of  Vale do Salitre, in the interior of the state of Bahia. He has, according to daily A Tarde,1.2 billion reais (730 million dollars) invested, through Lafico (Libyan Arab Foreign Investiments) in the Salitre Project, a partnership with Brazilian builders Odebrecht and Andrade Gutierrez.  This is a massive irrigation project that is not immune to criticisms for its impact on the life of local communities and small producers.