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The best Brazilian ads

Brazilian ads are well-known for their quality and creativity. Last year, for instance, DM9DDB won the Cannes Agency of the Year award and nine Lions (two gold, four silver and three bronze). In fact, the country is one of the big champions of the Cannes Festival – the main advertising awards -, behind the US and Great Britain.

Check this choice of Brazilian TV ads. I included one of the best releases of last year, plus some all-time favorites and also a very controversial ad.

Santoro’s limitsRodrigo Santoro, the Brazilian actor that is growing in Hollywood (Lost, Che, 300, Charlie’s Angels), acts in a recent Oi phone company’s publicity. He is depicted as this huge international idol that cannot manage to have his needs attended to by his phone services provider. So, he has to switch to Oi.

Parmalat’s Mammals – In 1995, this huge success skyrocketed the Italian company’s brand in Brazil.

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