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Brazil in the Seventies – when Sonia Braga wore glittery socks and high heels

Dancing Days

If you remember the 70s, you were not really there, right? What about a little revival of those crazy, sparkly years?

Brazil began the decade with the iron years of torture and dictatorship, and finished it with a draft of the democracy that would consolidate in the eighties. So, this period reflects the tension caused by censorship and the relief felt by the artist community when censors began to relax.

In the 70s:

  • Sonia Braga (actress of international fame) wore glittery socks, high heels and nylon boxing pants in the dance floor in Dancing Days soap opera.

  • Counterculture bands Mutantes and Secos e Molhados wore the most outrageous stage outfits. In this video, a rare early Secos e Molhados:


  • Samba goddess Clara Nunes ruled (here performing in a Japanese TV show)



Remember any of these? Vague memory?


Rosi di Primo, the girl all Brazilian men desired in the 70s...
Rosi di Primo, the girl all Brazilian men desired in the 70s…

…and Pedro Aguinaga, the girls’ favorite – also known as “Brazil’s most handsome man”

And these were these were the national blockbusters:

So, what are your 70s memories?

Five needle masters

Virtual daily The Business of Fashion, a radar of what is going on in fashion industry, used the latest São Paulo Fashion Week (covered here by Deep Brazil) as an excuse to unveil five promising Brazilian designers.

View their individual profiles:

São Paulo Fashion Week

Ronaldo Fraga (check the knees of the inverted girls)
Alexandre Herchcovitch

The very eclectic São Paulo Fashion Week, that opened on Sunday, brings us lots of glitter, a cheerful attitude and  top models Lara Stone and Chanel Iman. The main fashion show held in Latin America  happens twice a year – in January for Winter and June for Summer collections (including beachwear, a growing Brazilian export product). Check the collections of Alexandre Herchcovitch (East European peasants and lots of textures) and Ronaldo Fraga (inspired by coreographer Pina Bausch), two of the most creative Brazilian designers out there. Check also the funny creations of Samuel Cirnansck (mixing surrealism and decoration elements with fashion).

All the collections and runways can be seen here.  And you will find the soundtracks of this SPFW, that closes on Friday, here . Continue reading São Paulo Fashion Week

Rio Fashion Week

Melk Z-Da

The winter collections shown in this 16th edition of the Rio Fashion Week are, well, not particularly carioca (the city’s demonym). The 27 designers that participate in the event are in a very sober mood. Gray and black, Gothic and heavy metal elements intertwine – think of Wolverine, depressed.

One of the exceptions is Cantão’s collection, which offers all the color you can handle. You should also pay attention to Lucas Nascimento, a Brazilian that lives in London, that designed some very unconventional knitted pieces. Continue reading Rio Fashion Week