IMG_6857bis smaller sizeDeep Brazil is an X-ray of a country larger than life, immensely attractive to tourists, immigrants and investors, and culturally fascinating.

It is published by Regina Scharf, a journalist with over 25 years of experience in the Brazilian press, who traveled extensively around her home country. After studying Biology and Journalism at Universidade de São Paulo, she worked for several media projects (daily papers Folha de S. Paulo and Gazeta Mercantil, and Veja weekly magazine) and non-profit organizations (such as Instituto Socioambiental, Instituto Akatu and Greenpeace). She also worked with former congressman Fabio Feldmann, an outspoken environmentalist, and several Brazilian corporations, namely Banco Real (Santander Group). Regina authored or co-authored several books on environmental issues – all of them published in Portuguese – and was also honored by the 2002 Reuters-IUCN Press award for Latin America and by the 2004 Prêmio Ethos.  At present, she works for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)and is working on her first novel.

She lives in Portland (USA) with her American husband and daughter, but visits Brazil frequently.

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