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March 7, 2013 5 Comments

There is a growing number of blogs and websites in English about Brazil that offer unique points of view, practical tips and entertainment. This list,  updated periodically, includes a wide variety of sources: expat diaries, commercial endeavors, niche blogs (religious, gay, academic, gastronomic) and news clipping services. Only websites updated at least once in the last three months were included – and this explains the disappearance of many entries of previous lists. Please, let me know if you have any other suggestions. And share it with your friends!

society  Brazil Blog List

Photo by Luis Villa del Campo/ Flickr

Adventures in Brazil - An American weather nerd pursuing a PhD in Brazil

Adventures of a Gringa – “I’m a 27 year-old New Yorker who lived in Brazil for two years before moving back to the US with my Brazilian husband”.

American Heart, Brazilian Soul – Ray and Gil between two countries

Andrew Downie’s Brazil Blog – “I am a foreign correspondent based in Brazil. I write about the country for a host of publications including Time magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, Monocle magazine and The New York Times”.

The Book is on the Table – “the tales and travails of an Englishman adjusting to life in São Paulo”

Born Again Brazilian – “If all those repentant criminals, addicts and all around sinners can transform themselves into God-fearing Christians, this midwestern babe can become a Brazilian”.

Bossa Breezes – “I am convinced that I was Brazilian in my past life. I am also convinced that I was born in the wrong place. That is not to say that I don’t love my home country, The United States, but I do sometimes feel myself not fitting in here”.

Brasil! Pra Mim – “I am American expat currently living in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You can call me C.”

Brazign – “Brazign is an online magazine with the best of Brazilian design, art and culture”.

Brazil Blog – Michael Sommers, one of the authors of the great Brazilian tourism guides published by Moon

Brazil Business Today - “news analysis and monitoring service for business leaders and global professionals”. You have to register to access.

Brazilian Bubble – It “provides the investment community with an unbiased perspective on Brazil and other Emerging Markets. We share investment ideas, market reports and economy analysis with our readers that the mainstream media and analysts leave largely unnoticed”.

The Brazil Compass – “Brazil-Compass provides practical and user generated lifestyle information about Brazil.”

Brazil Dispatch – For those interested in headlines such as “Rival pirates fight before plundering yacht” or “Buried alive by lover, arrested after scape”

Brazilian Guru – “While working for a magazine here in Brazil, I received numerous requests from my friends abroad for travel tips here in the country. That’s how the idea for Brazilian Guru came up; I thought I’d summarize all the tips I have, and create a website with all this information”.

The Brazil Law Blog – produced by Angélico Advogados, a São Paulo-based law firm.

Brazilmax - “the Hip Guide to Brazil”

Brazilian Law Blog – similar to the precedent, but written by lawyer Adler Martins, specialized in international business.

Brazilianisms – two connected websites, one with podcasts, another with “interestingstuff related to Brazil”

Brazil for Life! – “The site was created to accompany the ebook, Brazil for Life!, which contains a great deal of information regarding immigration, buying real estate, getting a driver’s license, learning to speak Portuguese, etc.’

Brazil Phenomenon – “I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in England from ages 4 to 18. After revisiting my hometown, I decided on Brazil because of its warm, welcoming and almost inviting atmosphere”.

Brazil Travel Blog – “an independent travel blog with information on Brazil”

Brazil Weekly – a summary of the main news about the country

Brazil World Cup Blog – exactly what it promises.

Brazzil – “Since 1989 trying to understand Brazil”

Caipirinha Appreciation Society – “Brazil beyond clichés” podcasts

Christina no Brasil – Full of information, pictures, videos and anecdotes about living and working at a University in the interior of São Paulo state.

Comings Comuniqué – A Baptist missionary in São Luis, Maranhão

Creelman….does Brazil! – “working as an English teacher, and living as a ‘gringo’, in Sao Paulo!”

Danielle in Brazil – “In 2007, I had just graduated with a degree in Linguistics from UC Berkeley. I was (reluctantly) working on my Master’s in Applied Linguistics and (happily) teaching English at a private school for adult internationals in California… fell for a Brazilian and moved to the country”.

Discovering São Paulo – “Serial existential-migrant: Born in the UK to a French mother and Mauritian father, I made my way to São Paulo in 2011 after 5 years living in Madrid”.

Eat Rio – “food, drink and other good things”

Eu Moro no Rio – “A Florida Girl turned Brazilian Mama”

ExpatBrazil – We live on a small fruit farm in Saquarema, near Rio and I try to show a different side the rural Brazil. We’ve been here 6 years and it’s still the good life.

Expat living in Goiânia – “First arrived in Dec. 1964. Served three years in the Peace Corps in Mato Grosso and Espírito Santo. After Peace Corps was working for Johnson’s Wax in Rio when I got drafted. Served two years in the US Army in Panama; Canal Zone. Upon leaving the Army, served two years in Vietnam with United States Agency for International Development. Returned to the States and taught English for five years before going to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for five years. In 1986, returned to Brazil”.

Eyes on Brazil- “I’ve spent over a decade studying Brazilian culture and a year living in Brazil (where I now reside again)…my focus has shifted to my own articles and a series I call “Lessons from Brazil”.

Flavors of Brazil – “A Vancouverite who’s living in Fortaleza, on Brazil’s fabulous Northeast Coast. Learning all I can about Brazilian culture, with emphasis on the rich culinary traditions of Brazil”.

Floripa Living – An American expat living in Florianópolis

Floripa Times – Bilingual (English/Spanish) e-magazine about the capital of the state of Santa Catarina

Flowers and more – “Photos of plants and flowers, landscapes and people, and comments on experiences while traveling inside and outside of Brazil”.

From Brazil to you – “Celebrating and sharing Brazil, its one-of-a-kind cuisine, and life”

Give us this day our daily mango – “family of 5 moves from Arizona to Belo Horizonte, Brasil, and lives to tell about it”.

Go Goiano – “is about expanding the reader’s view of Brazil by introducing the state of Goiás (which is unknown, for the most part, outside of Brazil) while giving any insider’s tips I can. It’s somewhat like CliffsNotes for foreigners in the Central-West region of Brazil (what not to do, and what to expect)”.

Gringoes – “ Brazil’s first portal for the foreign community”

Hidden Pousadas Brazil - “a guide to uniquely beautiful handpicked pousadas in Brazil which we personally recommend”. The portal leads to a bunch of blogs and websites, such as this.

Hunting White Elephants – Christopher Gaffney “investigates the massive changes in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil from a perspective based in critical geography and urban planning mixed with investigative journalism”.

Inside São Paulo – “advice about business, people and art”

Lana’s Brazilian Escapades- “I’m Lana, 30 years old and having decided life in London is just a little too dull for me have decided to up and leave heading for the sunny shores of Brazil”

Life in Rocinha – “My life living in the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro”.

The Locals of Brazil – “an independent blog about Brazil investments, real estate, culture, and other aspects apealing to foreigners interested in this country”.

O Mangue – “Race, sex, gringos and life in Rio de Janeiro”. Partially in English.

Maria Brazil – “Home of Brazilian culture on the web”

New Yorker to Rio – “What happens when you take a fast paced, on the go, social, New York city girl and relocate her to Rio? Follow my adventures to find out!”

Nina diaspora of the sky – “I guess sometimes I am a “mover and shaker”. However I grow roots and pick my battles”.

Observing Brazil – Focused on Brazilian politics and political culture.

Pernambuco Gipsy – “Ethnographic research on the north eastern Brazilian and his generally half-arsed ways”

Portuguese Blog - “The ultimate resource to learn Portuguese”

Qualidade de Vida (again, in English) – “Living in Brazil I am enjoying the culture, commenting on the differences, celebrating local expressions and inviting others to enjoy all Brazil has to offer”.

Que saudades!- “The adventures of two Minnesotans living in Sao Paulo”

Rachel’s Rantings in Rio – “Momma, Wife, Woman, ex-Pat, American, Brazilian at heart, cranky, Sassy, Ridiculous… I’m just a big old mixing pot living life in Rio de Janeiro”.

Rio Real - “by Julia Michaels, an American writer, editor and journalist who has lived in Brazil for almost thirty years”.

The Rio-Recife Blog – “Michael Jerome Wolff, political scientist and photographer: on drugs, crime, and police in Rio de Janeiro and Recife”

Rio Times – exactly what the title sells. An English language online paper about Rio

Road to Brazil 2012 – “FIFA 2014 World Cup News and Opinion”

Street Smart Brazil – Blog associated with a Portuguese school of San Francisco, US.

Stuart’s Brasil – “I moved to Brazil in 2003, but have also a home in Saint Puy, Gers, France, so my time is evenly split between both countries to work has a furniture restorer/maker and artist/artisan”. Partially in English.

The Taylors Magnifying Christ in Brazil – Missionaries based in Florianópolis

What am I doing here? – An expat New Englander tells stories about his life in Salvador, Bahia

What we did in Rio – “Us two and our toddler doing what we do. And writing about some of it…”

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