Amy Winehouse, the Girl from Ipanema


AmyLionessCvrThe posthumous album by Amy Winehouse, the Brit enfant terrible/singer recently deceased, was released today. It includes her version for the Bossa Nova classic  “Garota de Ipanema”, performed in Miami in 2002, when she was 18.

What is your opinion about this version?




6 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse, the Girl from Ipanema”

  1. Not a fan of Amy’s on-stage or off-stage performance…but this rendition grabbed my attention.

    I can’t believe you made me buy an Amy Winehouse song on iTunes…

  2. Thaddeus, loved your post. Janis rules! And Rê Bordosa, that shares Amy’s hangover, was big in my early twenties – I used to drink in the same place where she was supposed to hang, mythological Bar Riviera. Good times!

  3. First of all, I want to make clear i’m not an angel nor perfect (nobody is perfect). I type this before sombody will criticize of typing harsh here about a “trendy modern yuppee crackhead” named amy winehouse who represent nothing else than destruction and is a terrible role model for the youth of today. I just cannot understand that people find/found her “normal” and so “trendy”. In my opinion, she sang the song girl of ipanema if she was drunk, but that must be normal too, so trendy. No I’m not in the 40’s and I’m 31.

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