Amazing footage of Rio in the 30s, the 40s, the 50s…

Carnaval de rua


You may question the narration and its predictable cliches and prejudices, but these historic footages are true gems. Tough to choose a favorite (ok, if you insist, the 1932’s and the 1955’s are the best).

1932 – Includes a pretty disgusting scene where the narrator mentions the “infinite variety of tropical animals” found downtown, while the camera closes on a cute little Black girl. Also to be noted the comment that carioca’s resent the monopoly of the word Americans by those born in the States. Pay attention also on the explanation about the “butterfly industries” and the ornamental black and white stone pavements.




1955 – Street Carnival in Technicolor

60s – A helicopter tour  with singer Roberto Carlos.

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  1. I’m surprised they were so lazy in composing the narratives for these. The 1933 and 1936 versions have the almost the same scripts.

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