Dzi Croquettes – Rio’s revolutionary cabaret

936full-dzi-croquettes-poster “Not men, not women. People”, was their revolutionary motto. They were the Dzi Croquettes, an irreverent androgynous theater company directed by Broadway chorus line dancer Lennie Dale that defied the dictatorship and inspired a whole generation of carioca artists. The so-called besteirol theatre (anarchic, hilarious and politically incorrect) and several slang words and expressions ( Tá boa, santa?) are remnants of their influence.

They became so popular that their performances were finally forbidden, and they decided to tour Europe, where they conquered Paris and even appeared in a Claude Lelouch’s movie. “When I die, I want my show substituted by the Dzi Croquettes”, said legendary diva Josephine Baker.

Directors Tatiana Issa and Raphael Alvares produced a documentary about the group with 45 interviews, including one witgh their godmother, Liza Minelli, and some of their heirs, such as singer Ney Matogrosso and actor Miguel Falabella. The trailer with captions in English is a pretty good introduction for those who missed the chance of following their troupe.


And look also for a longer extract of the movie (also with subtitles in English). Check particularly for the part where singer Elis Regina admits Lenny Dale’s influence her performances – and he is shown delivering a show just the way that became her trademark.