The most beautiful Brazilian caves

Ubajara cave in Ceará. Photo by deltafrut

Brazil has at least 3,000 caves officially identified – and some of them are absolutely phenomenal. You will find here a selection of images found at Flickr. You should also visit Fotografia magazine’s website to check 20 years of underground photos by Alexandre Lobo.

In case you are wondering, the best source online of information about these geological formations is the Sociedade Brasileira de Espeleologia website (unfortunately, most of it only in Portuguese).

Also, read the post Maquiné, the cradle of Brazilian paleonthology.


Ubajara , again, by deltafrut

Gruta da Torrinha in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia. Photo by Daniela Gama
Flowers of aragonite in Torrinha cave photographed by Valdiney Pimenta


Caverna do Diabo, the Devil's Cave, in the state of São Paulo. Photo by Valdiney Pimenta


Ceiling of the Cathedral gallery at Caverna do Diabo. Photo by Valdiney Pimenta


Gruta da Lagoa Azul, the Blue Lagoon Cave, in Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul. Photo by Valdiney Pimenta.


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