Good news: hunger dramatically reduced in Brazil

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The anti-poverty agency ActionAid released yesterday a report that alerts to the growing risks for the world food security, due to global warming, depleted natural resources and raising food prices. But the document also praises Brazil for being the best prepared to face these challenges among 28 developing nations examined by the organization. The country leads this ranking for the third time.

The report “On the brink: Who’s best prepared for a climate and hunger crisis?” evaluates that Brazil’s investment in small family agriculture and official programs such as Fome Zero (Zero Hunger), to minimize misery levels, paid off. The country reduced child malnutrition by 73% and child deaths by 45% between 2002 and 2008. But it still has to face the fact that 16 million Brazilians leave in extreme poverty (with a 70 reais/40 dollars  monthly budget).

According to the study:

Brazil is leader of the pack in the Hunger scorecard again this year. It has announced US$10 billion of support for smallholder farmers who have benefited from land reform committed in 2011. The government has also extended its genuinely women focused Bolsa Família social protection safety net to 12.4 million poor families and enshrined the right to food into its constitution Just as importantly, it has instated a robust policy of ensuring the country’s agriculture is climate ready, with a national plan dedicated to the agricultural sector.

On the other hand, ActionAid criticized the inequality in land distribution.

Around 3.5% of landowners hold 56% of arable land, while the poorest 40% own barely 1%. Similarly, large landowners obtain more than 43% of all agricultural credit, while farmers with fewerthan 100 ha (88% of the total number of all rural farms) captured only 30%.


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  1. “a report that alerts to the growing risks for the world food security, due to global warming, depleted natural resources and raising food prices.”

    Great post Regina, it’s indeed good news, but..due to global warming? come one, the world always had climate change. Nothing in live stays the same, include the climate.
    Truth is, and we all should know this about now, increases in food prices (since they are priced in US dollars) is “now” caused by the FED, printing digital money from thin air, to buy back worthless derivatives from the speculators/”marketmakers” (the known bankers we always hear about on TV)so they can continue speculate (what is causing all this volatility of food prices.

    Please folks, the word global warming/carbon footprint and all those fancy names for going “green” was invented by “Enron”..not a myth if you do you homework unbiased.

    Note: I’m a financial analyst for a major bank and I do not believe in left vs right.

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