Free Brazilian tourism guides

If you are planning to visit the country, check these free, downloadable guides that can help you select the destinations that you can’t miss.

1- The Brazilian Embassy in London just released a good booklet with the basics about tourism in Brazil and the main destinations. It goes a little beyond the obvious.

2 – The 2009 Rio Michelin Travel Guide is fully accessible through Google Books.

3 – The Ministry of Tourism published a mini-guide that targets the foreign tourism industry but can be quite useful to the average tourist planning a trip to the country. It lists destinations according to their particular interest (culture, ecoturism, sun and beach, sports, or business and events) and indicates the main airports and roads.

4 – The city of São Paulo published two options online. First,a trilingual guide with a series of maps of different regions, accompanied by a list of restaurants, shops and attractions. Second, a bilingual brochure for LGBT tourists with both regular tourism information and tips concerning specifically gays, lesbians and transgenders. It also has a companion website with updated info.

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