What makes a soap opera a success today?

Álbum_Cordel_EncantadoCordel Encantado, the 6 o’clock soap opera that ended last Friday, was a rare success in a country that is getting tired of old TV formulas. Approved by both critics and audience, it mixed fairy tale and traditional cordel literature, elements of European royalty with Brazilian folklore and History. Set at  the Northeast outback (sertão), it was produced with film quality, good acting and direction. The love triangle involving Açucena, Jesuíno (the good guy) and Timóteo (the evil one) was not, of course, particularly innovative, but was pretty typical of 6 o’clock plots, less sexy and violent than novelas exhibited later in the evening.

Check here for the videoclip made to promote Cordel Encantado at the Emmy Awards:

And you can watch the last chapter in this website.

Have you seen this soap opera? Did you like it?

Also, if you are interested in Northeastern music, check Cordel Encantado’s soundtrack, interpreted by Gilberto Gil, Maria Gadú, Lenine, Chico Science & Nação Zumbi, Zé Ramalho and Alceu Valença, among many, many others. Pretty cool team, indeed.