What if Brazilian states were nations?

The Economist magazine asks this question in this week’s edition and reveals that:

  • São Paulo’s Gross Domestic Product and GDP per capita could be compared to Poland’s; while its population is similar (numerically) to Argentina’s
  • Rio’s GDP can be compared to Singapore’s, its GDP per capita, to Russia’s., and its population to Kazakstan.
  • Alagoas, the poorest state, according to the latest official statistics, has the GDP of Afghanistan, the GDP per capita of China and the population of Albania.
  • Rio Grande do Sul, generally considered a very rich state, has the GDP per person of…Gabon.

Check all the other states status in their infographic:


3 thoughts on “What if Brazilian states were nations?”

  1. This is how pathetic those folks (that act old like older and wizer folks that traveled around the world) at the economist are. We are in the year 2011 and they discuss a subject with 2008 numbers.

  2. Nicholas, have you by any chance read UN documents? Check the FAO or the Unicef websites. You will see they frequently use 2005 statistics. Good, trustworthy and updated numbers are quite rare, unfortunately. I wrote recently an article about adoptions after a recent UN report that had really old statistics. Plus, the Brazilian data were limited to the state of São Paulo.

  3. Hello Regina, I’m aware of how the UN (FAO and Unicef) works. Good, trustworthy and updated numbers are rare at those kind of institutions, for many reasons (though the can get it themself if they want): It doesn’t fit their agenda and real research (copy and paste is so easy) is to much for those “experts”.

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