Brazil at its best

Copacabana beach, as seen by Laszlo Ilyies/ Flickr

In the spirit of Brazilian Day, celebrated yesterday, check this map  with videos that show the beauties of each of the country’s states. Produced by government agencies or tourism bureaus, they focus on the state’s landscapes and the cultural or economic riches.

The map was created by Nicholas Dias Alves Hisdahl,  a Dutch Financial Analyst of Emerging Markets based in Florida, US, who has a profound love for Brazil. His own roots are as diverse as the country’s: a Dutch mother born in Suriname, from a half Dutch, half Black mother and a Scottish-Indian (from India) father, and a Brazilian father that descends from a German-Norwegian-Portuguese-Black  family from Minas Gerais.

Just choose a state and click on the arrow. Enjoy!


View República Federativa do Brasil in a larger map

2 thoughts on “Brazil at its best”

  1. Regina que legal ! This is a sensational interactive map. I learned a lot about our Brazil (for example i want to go to Rondonia, an ambition I never had til now).

    Parabens Regina, each day a wonderful new surprise on your blog.

  2. Valeu, Peter! But this one is Nicholas’ merit. He did a great job creating the map, definitely a project of love. I must confess Deep Brazil is helping me discover my own country in a way I never expected.

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