6 Brazilian cakes

Big wedding in Rio. Photo by Claudia Midori/ Flickr

Brazilians are known for their sweet teeth. Most desert dishes include a huge amount of sugar – and it is probably wise to reduce it when following a recipe. It is also a cake-loving country with a long baking tradition. Check if you have already tasted all of these wonders:


1 – Bolo Brigadeiro – the cake version of brigadeiro, the little chocolate sweet covered in chocolate sprinkles served in children’s birthday parties. Lots and lots of really sweet chocolate plus condensed milk. Major Knitter has a recipe.


Little quindins in a photo by Jorge Andrade/ Flickr

2 – Bolo Quindim (or Quindão) – A direct descendant of all those highly caloric egg yolk and sugar Portuguese sweets, such as pastel de Santa Clara. Is it a cake, or maybe a pudding? Never mind. It will reduce your life span, but it is absolutely mind blowing. Try this recipe from Cooking Inside.


Bolo de fubá. Photo by Eduardo Hulshof/Flickr

3 – Bolo de Fubá – the bread-and-butter of Brazilian cakes, frequently served for breakfast. Common in bakeries, not in fancy candy shops, it is made of corn meal. Sonia-Portuguese blog has a bilingual recipe.

4 – Bolo Prestígio – It has this name because, like Nestle’s Prestígio bar, it mixes layers of coconut and chocolate. Vanessa’s Home Kitchen has a recipe.

Photo by Diego Albuquerque/ Wikipedia

5 – Bolo de Rolo – typical of the Northeast region, it piles impossibly thin layers of guava jam and cake. The Cookie Shop has the recipe.

6 – Bolo Souza LeãoJungledrums magazine published recently a very cool post about it:

Do you like a nice slice of pound cake from time to time? Or do you prefer custard when it’s time for dessert? Brazilians have solved this timeless and universal dilemma by creating a hybrid sweet that is half cake, half custard.

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