7 anthems to celebrate Brazilian Day

Photo by kat.tak/ Flickr
Photo by kat.tak/ Flickr

Let’s celebrate Brazil’s national day with some music. The National anthem may be the most popular – sang in parades on Independence Day and in the opening of soccer games -, but it is certainly not the country’s most beautiful anthem. Do you know the other ones?

1 – Hino à Bandeira – the 1906 Flag Anthem has lyrics by poet Olavo Bilac and music by Francisco Braga.  You can read the lyrics here. It has a peculiarity. There are two versions for the refrain, with only one difference: the word juvenil (youthful) sometimes is substituted by varonil (manly). Traditionally, young people sing the first version, while adults choose the second.

The refrain:

Recebe o afeto que se encerra
em nosso peito juvenil/varonil,
Querido símbolo da terra,
Da amada terra do Brasil!

2 – Hino da Proclamação da República – the Republic Anthem (lyrics here) was composed right after the end of the Monarchic period, in 1889, with lyrics by Medeiros e Albuquerque and music by Leopoldo Miguez.

3 – Hino da Independência – the anthem that celebrates the independence from Portugal, was the national anthem till the abdication of Dom Pedro I, in 1831. It was believed for a long time that the emperor composed the music the same day he declared independence, September 7th 1822, but some historians say his version was composed later, after a first version by his former music teacher. The lyrics (which you find here, in a bilingual version) are by Evaristo da Veiga . It was originally a poem that was popular in the court by the time of the Independence Declaration.

Then comes a series of military anthems.

4 – Cisne Branco White Swan, the Navy anthem, here sang by famous singer Dalva de Oliveira (and these are the lyrics)

5 – Canção do Exército – the Army Song

6 – Hino dos Aviadores – the Aviation Anthem

7 – And finally, the National Anthem : You find a bilingual version of the lyrics here.


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