The worst commercials on Brazilian TV

There is something absolutely delicious about bad quality publicity. These TV ads, old or new, are as seducing as a package of junk snacks.

First, a big 70s classic produced to promote shampoo Colorama. It shows a beauty with ugly voice: “Do you remember my voice?  It is still the same. But my hair, what a difference!” In the end, with beautiful voice, she says: “when the hair is beautiful, everything is beautiful in a woman”.

Cute boy Reynaldo Gianecchini in an ad for Pintos Shopping, a mall in Teresina, capital of the state of Piauí. These days it has a bitter taste, because Gianecchini is fighting cancer, but this ad couldn’t be left out. The motto is, in a free translation: “Pintos, what you really like where you really want”. Pinto, as you know, is a popular name for the penis. I am pretty sure the company knew what it was doing, because this video became viral.

Recheados do Tiririca is an ad for a sandwich cookie branded by a popular character, a mix of clown, singer and congressman.

Dolly Guaraná makes some really bad ones. This one was aired on Christmas 2008.

This one is divine. Apparently, Star Chic shops are a big success in the state of Goiás. Maybe thanks to its ads? In this one, the priest says we have to close our hand (save money) to prepare for the future. The boy says his father closes his hands and chose to shop at Star Chic.


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