Pifano, the Brazilian flute

Zé do Pífano. Photo by Fabio Pozzembom/ Agência Brasil, through Wikipedia

Pífanos or pifes, the Brazilian flutes, are a product of the cultural fusions so typical in the country.  On one hand, they are made of bamboo, just like the instruments used by several Native groups, but they have holes positioned like the ones in European flutes. Pífanos are very common in the Northeast region. Their high notes are absolutely irresistible, as you can check in the following videos, featuring pifeiros João do Pife (from Alagoas), Edmílson do Pífano (from Caruaru, Pernambuco) and Zabé da Loca, a lady that got this nickname because she lived for 25 years inside a cave, in the state of Paraíba.

João do Pife

Edmílson do Pífano

Zabé da Loca

This post was inspired by the amazing portal Luis Nassif Online.