Artists reinterpret popular Turma da Mônica characters

Cebolinha and Louco (the Madman) as seen by Will Leite

For half a century, the characters of Turma da Mônica (Mônica’s Gang, in the “official” translation) inhabited the imagination of cartoonist Mauricio de Souza and the whole Brazilian population. Now, the seven-year-old Mônica, Cebolinha, Cascão and Magali – plus a bunch of side characters, are reinterpreted by 50 artists of very different styles. Their work is collected in “MSP 50 – Mauricio de Sousa Por 50 Artistas”, a book to be released by Editora Panini in the next few days. Here is a sample of their creation. 

The Astronaut, according to Aluir Amancio


Anjinho (Little Angel) reinterpreted by Mike Deodato
The dinossaur Horácio by Rogério Coelho
Leading characters Mônica and Cebolinha, according to Samanta Floor


Estevão Ribeiro also Leo Finocchi recreated Mônica and Cebolinha
And here the original main characters of Turma da Mônica - clockwise from the top: ever-hungry Magali, strong and agressive Mônica, clever brat Cebolinha and sweet and dirt Cascão