Goddesses gone wild: movie divas in Brazil

Jayne Mansfield with jockeys in 1957/ UCLA Library


Lana Turner fell for a Brazilian pilot that she met in Belém, in the Amazon. Marlene Dietrich had to pretend fainting so her bodyguards would rescue her from the adoring crowd in front of the legendary Copacabana Palace hotel, in Rio. Jayne Mansfield got drunk during the Carnival of 1959 and exposed her superlative bosom during a party. Then, in the Quitandinha cassino of Petrópolis, she sniffed lança-perfumes, a classic Carnival drug, and got really wild. Ava Gardner got mad due to fans harassment and said Brazil was a “country of savages”. Rita Hayworth wore a traditional baiana outfit for a ball at the Municipal Theater, also in Rio. Brigitte Bardot fell in love for the beach of Búzios, in the state of Rio, where he spent several months, living incognito among fisherman, in 1964.

These anecdotes are presented in “As Divas no Brazil“, a book self-published by Evânio Alves, a hairdresser from Rio obsessed with these glamorous ladies. He spent eight years researching  stories about the stars’  Brazilian experiences.

See below collections of photos of Brigitte and Marlene in the country: