Great pop music from the Amazon

Gaby AmarantosThe musical universe of the Amazon region, that includes rhythms brega, tecnobrega and tecnomelody, is mostly ignored by the rest of the country.

Check here for a sample of  musicians of the state of Pará. The most popular is Gaby Amarantos, a Valkyrie that is also known as Beyoncé of Pará, but I would like to call your attention to Dona Onete and the instrumental ensembles, such as Orquestra Jovem de Cellos da Amazônia.


Dona Onete

Gaby Amarantos, known as Beyoncé of Pará


Felipe Cordeiro

Orquestra Jovem de Cellos da Amazônia


Sebastião Tapajós

Pio Lobato

Lia Sophia

Gang do Eletro