BBC documentary about Brazilian slavery

Brazil received ten times more slaves than the US. This is their story, told in 2000 by the BBC, in the documentary “Brazil Inconvenient Story”. It displays all sorts of original documents, plus interviews with historians João José Reis, Cya Teixeira, Marilene Rosa da Silva, and anthropologist Peter Fry.

You might also want to follow the PBS channel documentary Black in Latin America, narrated by Henry Louis Gates Jr., a Harvard University professor. On the documentary website, check also for the timeline of Brazil’s history as a ‘rainbow nation.’

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3 thoughts on “BBC documentary about Brazilian slavery”

  1. I disagree with the last line that the “mix” of people is only found in Brazil. African slaves and migrant workers were shipped throughout the Americas. Maybe in how large the population is is what makes Brazil unique in that way, but it is not the only Latin American country.

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