A bunch of new states

The upper half of Brazil may get 11 new states, which are under discussion by  the Congress. The state of Pará, in the Amazon, might be sliced in three: Pará, Tapajós and Carajás. Neighboring Amazonas might lose half of its territory, that could be converted into three territories managed by the federal government due to their military importance (border with Venezuela, Colombia and Peru).  This great graphic by Popular Science magazine Galileu shows how the country might look in the near future.

It wouldn’t be a mere bureaucratic change. New states need capitals and government staff, buildings and salaries. They demand a redistribution of the federal budget, so money will be injected in regions that had little access to financial resources. Of course, it also weakens the states that are divided and creates new opportunities for corruption and bad management. The magazine interviewed Rogério Boueri, an economist with think tank Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada (Ipea), that says some of these new states, namely Tapajós and Carajós, might be financially impracticable (due to their small populations or state GDP).

Any thoughts about this?

4 thoughts on “A bunch of new states”

  1. I totally agree with you, this is an absurd to say the least, too many opportunities for new politicians, and more corruption too.
    Not to mention, it would make the existing ( divided ) states much weaker.
    Maybe, one or two new state might be viable to justify, but not the new state fest being proposed in Congress.


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