The best colection of 19th century Brazilian art

"Gioventù"(Youth in Italian) by Eliseu Visconti, 1898

One of the greatest art museums in the country, Rio’s Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, just reopened after a three-year remodelling. Its Modern and Contemporary art collections are important, but it’s the 19th century collection, with over 4,000 pieces, that catches the visitors’ attention.
Here are some of the best pieces of the new gallery dedicated to that period, all very epic – or at least theatrical:

"Batalha dos Guararapes" (one of the battles that defined the expulsion of the Dutch from the state of Pernambuco in the 17th century), by Victor Meirelles, 1879
"A primeira missa", also by Victor Meirelles, 1860. It depicts the first mess after the arrival of the Portuguese, in 1500, celebrated by fray Henrique de Coimbra
"Estudo de Mulher" (Woman Study), by Rodolfo Amoedo, 1884
"Mamão e melancia" (obviously, papaya and watermelon), by Agostinho da Mota, 1860
"Descanso da Modelo"(Model Resting) by Almeida Júnior, 1882
"Más Notícias" (Bad News), by Rodolfo Amoedo, 1895

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