Poll reveals that most Brazilians believe in God

Santuário da Lapa, in Ibiquera, Bahia. Photo by Deltafrut/Flickr

The BBC just published the results of a poll that interviewed 18.829 adults  in 23 countries about their religious beliefs. Produced by global research company Ipsos and Reuters news agency, it concluded that 51% of the population in this universe “definitely believes in God or some superior entity”, while 18% said they don’t and 17% say that they are not sure about that.

Three countries came out as highly faithful: Indonesia (93%), Turkey (91%) and Brazil (84%).

Check some other answers given by Brazilians:

  • 28% said they believe in the concept of Hell and Heaven
  • 32% said they believe there is an after-death (but it doesn’t involve going to Hell or Heaven)
  • 12% believe in reincarnation (Spiritism, the religion/doctrine developed by Allan Kardec in France in the 19th century, is big in Brazil)
  • 47% of Brazilians believe in Creationism and discard the idea that we are related to apes (it is a higher percentage than the 40% verified in the US, where creationists are particularly loud)
  • Only 3% said they don’t believe in God, gods or other superior entities. And 4% are not really sure – they “sometimes believe, sometimes don’t believe”. I understand 9% preferred not to answer or gave other answers.

I must confess I am a little surprised by these numbers. I also wonder how many interviewees said they are believers because they think this is “the right thing to do”. What’s your opinion?




3 thoughts on “Poll reveals that most Brazilians believe in God”

  1. In other news, the sky is blue.

    Just kidding! 🙂

    Yeah, it doesn’t surprise me at all! It always shock me a little, for instance, how people talk about the Zodiac signs as if they’re science. I mean, very well informed and educated people. It’s a bit frustrating. I don’t mind the god part as much as I mind the science ignorance. But to be expected, really.

  2. I think people are not always honest on these polls, most times they answer what they think the poll person might want to hear.
    I view these polls as reality TV, not really reality if it’s in front of a camera, the poll, in my opinion is not exactly accurate either once the subject believes he/she has an audience. 😉

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