Cachaça labels: the funny, the ugly and the frankly x-rated

photo by Mauren Veras/Flickr

Brazilians consume 1.4 billion liters of cachaça a year. The national spirit, made of sugar cane, seems to have seduced the American president in his recent visit to Brazil. But Barack Obama most certainly missed one of the funniest aspects of cachaça culture: the bottle labels. Inspired, campy, erotic or self-deprecating, they are an eloquent portrait of the country’s irreverence.

Here are some examples, divided according their inspiration:


Pelé, soccer star, in a less than accurate portrait
Zé do Caixão, Brazilian horror movie king
Zé do Caixão, Brazilian horror movie king




Inspired by the wine Liebfraumilch


The only protection you will have in a rainy day


You drink, your car rolls over
Poor man's whisky
Poor man s happiness

And last but definitely not least


Almofadinha could be translated as dandy
Angel feet?


Sources: A Chave de Ouro, Good Friend and Boteco Móvel

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  1. It is a pity we still can’t taste things through the web. I bet some of these cachaças taste like hell, in the good, weird sense.

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