Classic Carnival songs translated into English

This silly & funny video by Leandrade imagines how Classic Carnival marchinhas – those songs that have been played in indoor balls for ages – would sound in English. Be patient, it takes a few seconds to really start.
Check for its version of :

  • “Mamãe eu Quero” (Mommy I Want to Breastfeed)
  • Maria Sapatão” (a name used to refer pejoratively to lesbians)
  • Cabeleira do Zezé” (a composition from the seventies, when young men began to display large hair – and have their masculinity questioned)
  • Me dá um Dinheiro aí” (Give me Some Money)
  • Você Pensa que Cachaça é Água?” (in this version, the national spirit, cachaça, is translated into whiskey), among many other songs.

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