Brazilian songs interpreted by Dietrich, Marx Brothers – and Josh Groban

Marlene Dietrich sings “Luar do Sertão” (by Catulo da Paixão Cearense and, maybe also, João Pernambuco) with a German twist. To die for.

“Mamãe eu Quero”, a classic marchinha de Carnaval, sang in indoor balls for decades, here interpreted by the histrionic Marx Brothers. This song full of innuendo, famous thanks to Carmen Miranda, says: “Mommy, I want to nurse. Give [me] the pacifier so the baby won’t cry”.

Finally, “Você Existe em Mim” (You exist in me), by Carlinhos Brown and Lester Mendez, sang by Josh Groban. Sorry for the introductory ads.

3 thoughts on “Brazilian songs interpreted by Dietrich, Marx Brothers – and Josh Groban”

  1. Dear old Marlene – her English could cut with a knife, but obviously her Portuguese was even worse… but even so charming.
    Thanks for this gem!

  2. AD, there is a story – I am not sure if it is some sort of urban legend – that in the last days of WW II you could hear Marlene singing “Lili Marlene” in both Ally and German radios in different languages. I suppose it is not true, seems absurd, but it is such a sweet image.
    The woman definitely rocked.

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