10 classic Brazilian commercials

One year ago I published a post with some of the Best Brazilian ads. Lots of readers loved it – and one complained that none of the commercials included black actors, a chronic problem of Brazilian TV that is slowly improving.

Here is another series of memorable ads – again, sorry, only two black boys as supporting actors. Opening this post, “O primeiro soutien ninguém esquece” (The first bra nobody forgets), from 1987. It is one of the best coming of age ads ever produced in the country. Let me alert: this and the last two are a little erotic. Well, another characteristic of many Brazilian commercials.

1978 – Kids candy

1978 – Cotton buds Johnson

1983 – Composer/singer Toquinho adapted one of his most famous songs for an ad of Faber Castell pencils.

1984 – Bonita camisa, Fernandinho (Beautiful shirt, Fernandinho) – an ad made when yuppies ruled

1984 – Não basta ser pai, tem que participar (It is not enough to be a dad, you have to participate) for Gelol muscle pain reliever

1987 – Hitler as an unexpected character in this Folha de S. Paulo newspaper ad – “It is possible to tell lies telling only the truth”

1991 – Popcorn and Guaraná (the national soda)

1996 – The little bird of Zorba underwear ads

2001 – Chocolates Garoto, with Karina Bacchi, a TV actress

9 thoughts on “10 classic Brazilian commercials”

  1. Of course I remember ALL of them !
    I still could sing along the song from Bala de Leite Kids… And the Folha de S. Paulo ad deserved a written translation. Best TV ad ever !

  2. Yes, I thought of translating it all, but this week is so busy. I am beginning to work in an UN project today, so things are crazy right now. Would you maybe translate it for me? I can add it to the post. It would be great!

  3. Loved all but last one…
    What the heck does a bunch of inapropriately horny young boys have to do with Chocolate?
    I know the name is “Garoto” but come on!
    I think it seriously lacked good taste and creativity and it shows how much the Brazilian advertising industry have gone to craps in recent years, the 70’s and 80’s were clearly the golden years for creativity in advertising in Brazil.
    The “Folha de Sao Paulo” ad gave me goose bumps, what a great, intelligent message, very in line with their “line” of business 😉
    The lingerie commercial was super sensitive, original, smart, tasteful, great!
    Awesome Post Regina!

  4. Thanks, Ray, it’s great hearing from you again.
    Yes, I think I must agree with you. The last one is borderline inappropriate. Now, a question for you: can you imagine American TV showing the bra ad? Wouldn’t it be censored for exploration of underage nudity or something like that? I can picture European channels showing it, though.

  5. That Valisére commercial is so sensitive to what it’s like being a girl growing up (I’m assuming based on the stories I hear from women). A pity that today it would be accused of “sexualizing children”, even though it’s entire point is that the protagonist is no longer a child but also not yet a woman.

    I can just imagine the reception it would have today.

    I can’t believe that none of the Semp Toshiba ads made in here, like these, for example…

  6. Thaddeus, the secret of blogging is keeping some of the best stuff for a future post, so everybody keeps asking for more. Thanks for the tip.

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