How much does it cost to buy a house in Brazil?

Agente Imóvel, a website specialized in the real estate business, calculated the average price of apartments with only one bedroom in the main Brazilian capitals.  It concluded that Brasília is the most expensive, charging four times more than nearby Goiânia. The report also compared the cost of the square meter in those cities:

Brasília – R$ 8,780

São Paulo and Rio – R$ 4,800

Florianópolis – R$ 4,200

Belo Horizonte – R$ 3,900

Porto Alegre – R$ 3,200

Salvador – R$ 3,100

Curitiba – R$ 2,800

Fortaleza – R$ 2,400

Goiânia – R$ 2,100

Remember that, these days, R$ 1 is worth around US$ 0.58 and EU 0.43.

Agente Imóvel offers a bunch of other statistics in case you are interested in buying a house in the country.

10 thoughts on “How much does it cost to buy a house in Brazil?”

  1. I was surprised too. I understand these statistics are based in housing ads. So, I wonder if the ads in Salvador are more inflated (and the final price is smaller). Another hypothesis: Rio might have fewer middle and upper class one bedroom apartments in elegant neighborhoods and more shabby (thus cheaper) big apartments. Something like that.

  2. You know what – looking once again at the numbers, I think my second hypothesis is better. Note that the square meter is pricier in Rio than Salvador. So, I really guess Salvador offers better 1 bedroom appartments (or in better neighborhoods) than Rio.
    For those who can read Portuguese, check their website that has further details.

  3. Kind of fuzzy, some of those numbers. At least for Rio last time I checked (a few weeks ago) via Zap. Then again, I wasn’t looking for apartments per se and I wasn’t looking in the most expensive neighborhoods. I’m hoping to be able to buy a house in Rio next year, at least to put down the down payment. I found Goiana and Fortaleza prices in Rio by not being too picky.

  4. You know, Adam, I am growing more and more suspicious about these numbers as time goes by. Some friends on Facebook also questioned them. I think the methodology might be flacky or, maybe, due to big disparities inside each cities (Rio has such upper, upper class, and such lower, lower class) it is an oversimplification.

  5. When you click on ‘see more tendencies’ to the right side of their site, you can check Rio now and it says for 1 bedroom that the going price is 280 thou in reais versus the 190 thou quoted in their pretty graphs. I’m inclined to believe they are partnering with real estate companies that actually only have apartments and houses in that range. I think there are three degrees, the third being data given by a larger company, the second being data from a classifieds site and the first degree, in person. Going from an apt in Tijuca to one in Ipanema or Tatuapé to Os Jardins, there’s something for everyone, I guess. Best would be a graph presenting an entire price range per city.

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